Basic Overview

After creating a Typekit Kit, you just need to copy your Kit ID into the Settings > Captain Typekit settings page.

When you create a Kit, you’re prompted with a few lines of code for you to embed Typekit into your site. Forget about that, just grab the Kit ID from the code, like in the image below:

This code may also appear separately beneath the embed code. If you’ve already created a kit prior to installing Captain Typekit, just open up the Kit in the Kit Editor, edit the Kit’s Settings and get the ID there.

After entering your ID and saving, Typekit is ready to be used on your site!

You’ll find a new area on the settings page where you can see all the fonts in your kit, their font family CSS codes, the variations available to use and a link to the font on Typekit.

LAST UPDATED: 23rd June 2014