Frequently Asked Questions

I want this and this and this feature!

The Plugin is intentionally pretty simple. It has a focus on being closely-integrated with themes made by Captain Theme, but as I thought it may be useful for others I decided to release it publicly.

I always appreciate feedback & ideas, so please open a support post and let me know what you think I should do! I don’t plan on updating the plugin too quickly or soon but I do plan on releasing a more ‘advanced’ version soon when I have the time :)

I inserted mine but it looks different to your screenshots!
Most likely it’s being caused by your theme’s styles being set to generically and as such they’re interfering with the style of Captain Social. Either switch themes or repair the damage yourself by using Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools to find the issue causing it and then add the appropriate styles to your site either with a child theme, by editing the parent theme’s files (not recommended) or using the Jetpack plugin’s Custom CSS Page.

LAST UPDATED: 23rd June 2014