Frequently Asked Questions

I’m getting the following error message when using PHP to display my slider (with all slides):
Warning: Missing argument 1 for ctslider_slider_template(), called in etc. etc.

Some hosting set-ups may have this issue. Just give it an empty parameter like so:

My slider isn’t displaying the specific slider I want?
Make sure that you’re stating the ID correctly like the examples above. Remember that you can find the slider ID under Slides > Sliders.

My slider’s just not displaying!
If you’ve done everything else right and it’s still not displaying, you’re probably having a jQuery conflict with another plugin/theme. Try reverting back to the default Twenty Eleven or Twenty Twelve theme and disabling each plugin one by one.

Can I display multiple sliders on one page?
Why yes you can!

Which slider does Captain Slider use?
Captain Slider proudly uses the lovely FlexSlider by Woo Themes.

How can I say thanks Captain Theme?
How sweet of you. Anything from a small donation (made through the Captain Slider settings page) to a link to Captain Theme ( on your site helps!

LAST UPDATED: 23rd June 2014