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Thanks for using Captain Slider! Continue onwards for documentation.


When you install Captain Slider, a custom post type ‘Slides’ is created. There’s also an awesome new Menu Section created, appropriately called Captain Slider. Within there you’ll find:

  • All Slides
  • Add New Slide
  • Slide Manager
  • Sorter
  • Settings

To create a new slide, just go to Slides > Add New.

When adding a slide it can either be an image or a video. To make it an image, upload it and set it to be the post thumbnail. If you’d like it to be a video, copy the embed code from the video’s source, and insert it into the video meta box near the bottom. You can also set a URL for the slide to link to. If you’d like to add a caption for the slide, you can do that in the caption text area.

You can also select a ‘Slider’ for the slide, which will be the slider that the slide belongs to. This will come in handy later when you can choose which slider to display. You can view your sliders by going to Captain Slider > Slide Manager. From there you can add and remove sliders (slides don’t get deleted when you delete sliders).

In the Sorter section, you can easily modify the order of your slides by dragging and dropping them in the desired order. Alternatively, you can modify the order in the All Slides section or on the edit page for an individual slide.

There’s also the settings page, found under Captain Slider > Settings, where you can control the slider and choose how you want it to appear. You can even donate! How exciting.


Video Coming Soon!


There are two ways to display the sliders after you’ve created them:

  • PHP Manually
  • Shortcode

Whichever method you use is dependant on what you want the slider to do.

PHP Manually

There’s a few ways you can show it using PHP. Just copy one of the following and insert in a template file where you’d like it to appear. You can select a specific slider using it’s ID, found by going to Slides > Sliders.


If you’d like to insert the slider with a Shortcode, you can use the [slider] shortcode. It has a single parameter – id, where you can put in the ID of the slider you’d like the shortcode to display. You can find the ID of a slider by going to Slides > Sliders.

Here’s an example of using a shortcode to display the slider with ID 8:


You can access the Captain Slider Settings by going to Captain Slider > Settings.

It’s pretty straight forward, but I’ll take you through each option in a little more detail:

  • Width: You can use this option to enter a custom width for your slides.
  • Height: You can use this option to enter a custom height for your slides.
  • Note: After changing the width/height, you will need to regenerate the slider images.
    Either Install the Regenate Thumbnails Plugin or reupload your slides.
  • Slide Effect / Animation You can use this option to choose the slide effect/animation. It can be either Fade, Slide Horizontal or Slide Vertical. Note that if you use Slide Vertical, your slides must all share the same height or they will display strangely.
  • Hide Bullets: Use this option to hide the navigation bullets below the slider.
  • Hide Navigation Arrows: Use this option to hide the navigation arrows that appear on the left/right of the slider.
  • Slide Length (ms): The length each slide will play for in milliseconds. Default is 6000, which is 6 seconds.
  • Animation Length (ms): The length the slide animation/effect will go for in milliseconds. Default is 600, which is just over half a second.
  • No Automatic Start: If the box is checked, the slider will not automatically start/play.
  • Hide Donation Link: Hide it if you hate baby puppies.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m getting the following error message when using PHP to display my slider (with all slides):
Warning: Missing argument 1 for ctslider_slider_template(), called in etc. etc.

Some hosting set-ups may have this issue. Just give it an empty parameter like so:

My slider isn’t displaying the specific slider I want?
Make sure that you’re stating the ID correctly like the examples above. Remember that you can find the slider ID under Slides > Sliders.

My slider’s just not displaying!
If you’ve done everything else right and it’s still not displaying, you’re probably having a jQuery conflict with another plugin/theme. Try reverting back to the default Twenty Eleven or Twenty Twelve theme and disabling each plugin one by one.

Can I display multiple sliders on one page?
Why yes you can!

Which slider does Captain Slider use?
Captain Slider proudly uses the lovely FlexSlider by Woo Themes.

How can I say thanks Captain Theme?
How sweet of you. Anything from a small donation (made through the Captain Slider settings page) to a link to Captain Theme ( on your site helps!

Other Notes

Updates are periodically released for Captain Slider. When there is an update available, it will be automatically sent your dashboard through!

You can see what the latest version of Captain Slider is by looking at the changelog below. You can compare this to the plugin’s version found on the Plugins page.


Version 1.0.6 (13/11/2012):
-Minor CSS Fix for Default WordPress Themes

Version 1.0.5 (13/11/2012):
-General Improvements
-Better Code Formatting

Version 1.0.0 (07/11/2012):
-Initial Release.

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