We Love Responsive
We're living in a mobile first world, where over 85% of people in the world own a mobile and use it to browse the web. As such, we make all of our themes responsive, giving your site's users a good experience on both desktop and mobile.
Designed With Pixels In Mind
Our themes are all perfected to the very last pixel, leaving you with a clean and attractive site that screams professional. We also believe in browser cross-compatibility, so your site looks good regardless of the user.
Frequent Updates
We constantly release updates to our themes in order to keep them up to date with Wordpress and Web Standards, as well as bug-free! All updates are delivered to you automatically through the Wordpress Dashboard - too easy.
Theme Options + Control
If you want to change something with your theme, we understand and we want to make it both easy and enjoyable to do. You're provided with a Theme Options Panel and plenty of documentation explaining how to use it.
Dedicated + Loving Support
The only thing worse than a evil monster is an unhappy customer. You're forever given complimentary and loving support when you purchase one of our themes. Just login to your dashboard and send us a message - we'll fix you right up!
Documentation + Guides
The best part about building a new theme is getting to create the documentation that comes with it. Our documentation is comprehensive and useful, helping you get the most out of your new theme.
Child-Theme Ready
We do everything in our power to make our themes as child-theme friendly as possible so that you can make changes properly. There's even a documentation article explaining how to get started.
Respects Theme Standards
What's the point in doing something in the wrong way? We don't know, so we do it the right way! Our themes enqueue jQuery properly, use proper templating systems and follow all of the standards outlined in the Wordpress Codex!
Plugin Compatible
There's no reason in the world you shouldn't be able to use a plugin because of your theme, which is why our themes are made to be plugin compatible. Want us to double check a plugin will work before you buy? Just ask!